A Unique Bangkok-based Artisanal Chocolaterie
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XOCO is a Bangkok-based small batch chocolaterie. We use only cruelty-free, ethical chocolate that supports sustainable farming practices, environmental stewardship and pays cacao farmers’ a living wage.
Every confection is developed to knock your socks right off. Using only the best chocolate and ingredients we can source, along with a large dose of creativity, we make artisanal confections that our customers fall in love with. We are inspired by time-honored candy traditions and craftmanship.
We are inspired by the ingredients we find in Thailand. We are inspired by the places that we travel to and the places that we have lived. We are inspired by chocolate makers who work staggeringly hard to make craft chocolate from bean to bar and are grateful for the ethical and sustainable chocolate which they provide to us chocolatiers. 
As a small batch chocolatier, there is nothing that we make that we do not personally dial in ourselves. Every single pot of caramel, every mixed bowl of marshmallow, every silky ganache is executed with precise care and a lot of pride.
We aim to provide our customers with a discerning, powerful chocolate experience.


**Please note:  We are not processing orders while we are out of country. We return August 27th and will resume accepting orders then.**